Car Seat Travel Bag by AngelBaby

Raise your hand if you travel with a car seat?  Now raise your hand if you’re worried about it getting all dirty?!  Me, me!!  

I always gate check our seat because I don’t want it getting squished under bags.  But first I take the bag that it came in and just knot it at the top.  This keeps it from getting dirty and too wet (the knot doesn’t fully close at the top) but carrying it is a huge pain!!!
So, when I was offered to the chance to receive this item free or heavily discounted, I jumped at the chance!  

First, it zips up into itself so that when you aren’t using it, it’s safe and out of the way.  It’s not a separate pouch so there is no risk in losing part of it!  I was worried it would be hard to fit it back in there but it was super easy.  A couple folds, roll, and it’s in!

The back has a should strap!!  I love this feature!!  Hands are free to hold other things!

The front says “Fragile”, which I love, had a hand strap, and a place for you to write your info.  And, as you can see, it’s big!  We travel with our booster now, which is taller than our car seat.  But it will have no problem fitting in here.  You pull the top close and the toggle locks it in place.  And it feels like it’s made of very sturdy material.  

I’m really looking forward to trying this out on our next flight!!

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