Kovot Window Bird Feeder

I adore birds.  I love listening to them cheep and chirrup and I love watching them hop about.  So sweet and graceful!!  Now that Sebastian is 4, he’s even more interested in animals and what they get up to so I’ve actually been looking for a window bird feeder for a while!   
I was able to buy this one at a deep discount in exchange for my review and I just love it.  It has nice strong suction cups to keep it firmly in place.  It also has a soft lip for th birds to stand on.  I’m curious to see how well this bit holds up to little talons and such, but it feels well made.  The one thing that I’d change is the “roof”.  I’d like to see it come out a bit further to help keep the weather out of the food.  As it it, every time it rains I have to change it out.  It’s absolutely not a deal breaker and I imagine many houses would have an area where this could go and be a little more protected.  And it’s certainly not anything that would stop me from buying or using this.




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