Citrus Lane – January…I think

Citrus Lane is a pretty cool subscription box for kids. It’s about 30$ a month so I, admittedly, only get it when I can get it for at least 50% off. I like that my son gets some toys that I really haven’t seen anywhere and at half price, it’s a great deal!

I’ve had this one socked away since it arrived as I’m giving the goodies to Sebastian fir his birthday on Sunday…but I’m pretty sure this was January’s box!

Love the winter box!


First look




Smarty Pants Vitamins – sampler. I refuse to add samples into the value of the boxes, lol. Sebastian thinks vitamins are are special candy that he’s allowed once a day, so he will get this instead of his normal ones in the next day or so.


Reusable Little Squirt – $7.45 (Amazon). Super cute and I know Seb will enjoy using this.


Midi Basic Set – $12.95 (Amazon) These are pretty nifty little things! I’m looking forward to playing with them with the little monster!


Memory Game – $15.00 (Amazon) I love learning games and the pictures on this look sooooo cute!!


So the value of this box was right around 30$…which either way really isn’t bad. I paid about 15$ though so I’m happy!


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