November Horror Block

Okay…so this is the November Horror Block and it’s nearly February!  Well…I received it at the very beginning of December, barely glanced at it, and had to pack it up for our move.  Then…I lost it.  I couldn’t find either of my Horror Block boxes anywhere and was starting to think they were either left behind or fell out of the truck!!  Today I was having a look in what will be my craft room.  It’s still packed to the gills with boxes…I promised myself it would be the last room I did but then I’d allow myself guilt free craft time.  So anyways, there in a corner behind 30 boxes they were!!

So Horror Block is a branch of Nerd Block.  They’re 19.99 a month but shipping us 10$.  As much as I love the boxes, that’s just too much for shipping so I don’t allow myself to have them often.  I got Oct & Nov, cancelled, and just re-upped for this month because there are 2 tshirts!

Every month it comes in this fun box:


And comes with a little card that talks about the goodies.


Novembers t-shirt was Hannibal!  I totally need to see this show…can’t believe I haven’t yet!  I estimate the shirt to be 19.99.  It’s an exclusive to the box.


An official film cell from A Nightmare on Elm Street.  It’s cool though I’ve no idea what I’ll do with it and no clue how to price it!


“Packed with eight explosive episodes from the Crypt, we’re dispelling the Myth Conceptions with this jam-packed DVD.”  Last month had a DVD too, which I think is awesome!  Amazon has this for 4$ + 5$ shipping but that’s sold from a seller and not them so I’m not sure how much this would be otherwise.  Probably about 10$.


Godzilla Scaler: “When playing those monster beats watch as people are amazed by this scaling Godzilla attached to your earbuds.” 6.99-16.32 on Amazon.  This is pretty cute/fun but I wonder how heavy it’ll be?


Hannibal stress heart!  Lol…awesome.  This’ll go into my craft room.  I’m guessing these would be about 2$.


Cthulhu on Board: “Ever seen those pesky drivers with no regard for the precious Cthulhu you’re hauling in your sweet rig?  Let them know just who’s on board with this fun sign.”  Do I lose my horror cred if I admit I have no clue what a Cthulhu is!?  I’m guessing 5$?


Hannibal sticker sheet.  Cute…not sure what I’ll do with them…  My son loves stickers but he’s not even quite 3 so I’m not sure about these ones!  $???


Fangoria: 10.99.  Norman Reedus?  Hells yeaaaaa!


Final thoughts…admittedly I mostly get this for the tshirts.  I like the other stuff but most of it is “stuff” that I really have no use for.  That said, I Love the shirts and I do enjoy a lot of the other stuff…DVDs especially.  Just the shirt is worth it to me.  I can’t wait for this months box.  At least one of the shirts is Americam a Horror Story themed, there’s a Chucky item, and an exclusive mini Living Dead Doll.


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