Ipsy November Bag

I Adore Ipsy! At only 10$ a month I think it’s well worth it to have an adorable bag with fun products delivered to my door every month!! I’ll be the first to admit, I have no clue what I’m doing with makeup. I went to a military boarding school when I would have otherwise been learning and experimenting and after that I just didn’t see the point and never thought I needed it. I’m still ok going without most of the time but for the times that I want to add a little something this is perfect. I don’t have to buy full-sized items unless I fall in love with something (which I have) and you not only receive makeup but tools, hair products, etc.

This months theme is Girls Meet Glitter which is great!!

You always get a fun bag with your items and I love that “Ipsy” is only on the zipper pull and not all over it like some I’ve seen. I use these to store makeup, travel, and even for the bits and bobs I need for crochet!


Then there’s the card that tells about the theme:


The only item I received this month that I’m not sure about is the J. Cat Wonder Lip Paint in the color Mad Splatter. When I wear lippy stuff it’s usually a light color…I’m not very brave when it comes to this! But, of course I’m still going to play with it and try it out…I might be surprised!


Next there’s the Star Looks eye pencil in Ultra Orchid. I’m looking forward to trying this as it has Glitter in it!


Then there’s the ‘be a bombshell…’ eye base in Submissive. Honestly, I have no idea what eye base is, lol. I’d think it went under other eye stuff but it’s glittery and so pretty…I wouldn’t want to cover it up! I’ll have to look this stuff up!


The Be Delectable hand cream looks so yummy! I received Strawberry & Cream and while I was hoping for Coconut & Cream, I’m in no way disappointed as this smells great!


Lastly, this month, I got the GlamGlow Powermud DualCleanse Treatment. I love masks and haven’t done one in so long!! Poverty excited to give this a try!


If you’d like to join, my referral link is: http://www.ipsy.com/r/c1ai?sid=ipsypoints&cid=general



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