October Horror Block Spoiler

Within the past couple of weeks I found out about Nerd Block and then, one of their subscription boxes, Horror Block! I thought Nerd Block Classic and Nerd Block Arcade looked awesome and absolutely like something I’d enjoy but I’m not made of money and when I saw Horror it was all over! I Love horror!! I can remember being super young and staying up late (night owl…always) watching things like USA Up All Night with all the creepy shows. Needless to say, I’m a huge fan.

Anyways…I thought I’d give it a try for a couple months. At 19.99 a month, plus shipping, it’s not crazy expensive but also not something I’ll feel comfortable keeping for long, even though it’s pretty fab.

So, each Horror Block comes in fun box:




And has a little card that talks about what’s inside:



First up, Fangoria. I haven’t read this in sooooo long and was psyched to see that there’s an interview with Wes Craven in this issue. Incidentally…Fangoria debuted in 1979, the same year I did! Coincidence? I think not! Lol ($10.99)


Next we have Cereal Killers sticker cards. They’re pretty silly/fun though I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with them? Probably keep a couple favorites and save the rest until my son is a bit older. ($7.00?)


This item is great…horror meets crafts!! A Build Your Own Zombie kit! It comes with dough in multiple colors which are “great for creating and decapitating, then reanimating again!” Ha! ($9.50)



Next we come to the Reaction Figure! You could receive either Jason or Sam. I’m not sure which I’d have rather gotten…probably Jason since he’s classic, but I’m happy with Sam. The first time I saw his movie (Trick ‘r Treat) was the first time I was in Kuwait! ($9.99)


I was really surprised at this item…a Blu-ray of Puppet Master!! Whaaat! I haven’t seen this in years so I’ll be watching it soon! ($9.99)


Finally, every month you receive an exclusive t-shirt. I totally squeeeeeed when I saw this months!! LOVE IT!! ($20.00???)


Final thoughts…I really love this box! I’ll definitely get one more month and I’m sure I’ll get a month here and there in the future. I estimated the value of the box, using Amazon prices, to be about 67.47. I priced the t-shirt at 20.00 because I’m guessing that’s about what it would be. Great value…about double what I paid!

If you’d like to check out any of Nerd Blocks boxes, their website is http://www.nerdblock.com …and no they didn’t pay me or give me anything free to write this (I wish! Lol)…I just really loved my box!


2 thoughts on “October Horror Block Spoiler

  1. AE says:

    That shirt is pretty tight! Might have to subscribe for Christmas time.

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