The Tardis is DONE!

My 14 year old sister loves Dr. Who so when I found this pattern I knew it would be perfect. My mom and I decided we’d go in together…she’d buy most of the yarn and I’d crochet it…for a Joint Christmas present. I finally finished it last week. These graph-ghans are easy…but such a pain with all the colors attached. I know some people create smaller bobbins and I’m sure that would be smart…but who are we kidding?? Thankfully, in this case, baby sister is a typical 14 year old and I’d guess the chances of her coming across this post are slim to none!






4 thoughts on “The Tardis is DONE!

  1. Amazing! That looks absolutely fantastic. You have a very lucky little sister.

  2. sindel17 says:

    That is awesome!!

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