PinchMe Box


On certain Tuesdays at noon (announced beforehand) PinchMe ( ) has free samples. You have to create an account so they know what demographics you fit into, but once you’ve done that, you’re good to go! You aren’t guaranteed to have any samples available, and even if you do have some, if you aren’t quick they’ll be gone, but what a thrill when you do! These boxes are completely free and the only stipulation is that you have to complete a very short survey on each item you receive before you can get more!

I got this box probably about a month ago and it was filled! I was able to get: 2 Wet Nap antibacterial wipes,


A sample of Allegra Allergy with a coupon


A packet of Gevalia coffee with a coupon


A super funny card from Studio Ink (Hallmark)


Wet-Naps antibacterial wipes


Renew You Fruit Enzyme Sleep Spa mask


I’m super pleased with everything and really looking forward to trying the sleep mask! The card will be sent to my husband who’s training for his new position, lol.


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