Origami Owl – Holiday loot!

Since becoming an Origami Owl Designer a little over a year ago my obsession has only grown!! I adore this company and their products!! Recently our holiday items came out and, once again, I fell in lovveeee! I restrained myself and only bought a couple items that were not Limited Edition, lol.

Here’s an overview of everything I received which arrived in our Holiday takeout box! Not in additional pictures below: Stardust Crystals & Silver Crystal Earring Drops in Red (Limited Edition).


The Large Sparkle Twist Locket Face…this is So sparkly in real life!! (Limited Edition)


Large Silver Snowflake Window Plate…Gorgeous! (Limited Edition)


Charms! Lol…I love charms… Gingerbread Girl (Limited Edition and 2nd in series), Candy Cane (Limited Edition), Santa Owl (Limited Edition), Nativity (Limited Edition and 1st in series), Snowflake (Limited Edition), Snowglobe (Limited Edition and 2nd in series), Menorah (Limited Edition), and Dreidel (Limited Edition). I’m not even Jewish but I couldn’t resist. My step-dad is so I thought it would be nice. Not pictured, still being sent, Nutcracker (Limited and 1st in series).


I can’t wait to put a few different holiday Lockets together! My Fall/Halloween are in the rotation now and we have a Turkey so after Halloween something with that will come in…and then Christmas!!

If you’d like to check out what we offer, please visit http://www.tropicalcharms.origamiowl.com


The Tardis is DONE!

My 14 year old sister loves Dr. Who so when I found this pattern I knew it would be perfect. My mom and I decided we’d go in together…she’d buy most of the yarn and I’d crochet it…for a Joint Christmas present. I finally finished it last week. These graph-ghans are easy…but such a pain with all the colors attached. I know some people create smaller bobbins and I’m sure that would be smart…but who are we kidding?? Thankfully, in this case, baby sister is a typical 14 year old and I’d guess the chances of her coming across this post are slim to none!





Smiley360 Mission – ChapStick hydration lock


This was another great “sample” from Smiley360 ( http://www.smiley360.com )! I received it free for testing and review purposes along with a bunch of coupons to pass out! You can see from the picture that I couldn’t wait to try it out, lol.

Something I don’t think you can ever have enough of is a good chap stick, and ChapStick brand has always been a favorite (Cherry!)!! I have one in pretty much every room of my house, the car, purses, diaper bag, etc. it’s just one of those things that when you need it, you want it right away!

So the ChapStick hydration lock is a brand new item from ChapStick! The paperwork that came with my kit states:
“New ChapStick dual-ended Hydration lock Moisturizer & Renew with advanced anti-aging formulas, delivers advanced moisturizing benefits for fuller, smoother and younger looking lips, and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines.
The moisture side includes antioxidant CoQ10 and Hyaluronic Spheres. This formula is specially designed for long-lasting hydration to help give lips a fuller and smoother appearance.
The renew side is made from natural butters such as Shea and Mango, and softens, conditions and revitalizes lips. Both sides of the new dual-ended Hydration Lock are clinically proven for healthier looking lips.”

I love this stuff! The only thing I’d change is the smell. It’s not bad by any means…I’m sure it’s mostly the Shea that I’m smelling…I just prefer a yummier scent for my lippy stuff! That won’t stop me from using this though! It feels wonderful on and truly smells just fine!

Smiley360 Mission – Tazo Chai


Smiley360 (www.smiley360.com) is a website where you take surveys and if they are a good fit with you, you’ll receive some sort of box of goodies to review for free!

I Love tea so I was so excited to get to try three flavors of the Tazo Chai: Vanilla Caramel, Chocolate, and Classic. Out of the three, the Vanilla Caramel was my favorite, but they were all tasty! Also included were three coupons to get three full sized products…either boxes of tea or the concentrate! I will be hunting for the Pumpkin Spice!



Once you have received your items and tried them out, you just go back to your Dashboard to complete some things there such as sharing on Facebook, explaining who you told about the product, etc.

PinchMe Box


On certain Tuesdays at noon (announced beforehand) PinchMe ( http://www.pinchme.com ) has free samples. You have to create an account so they know what demographics you fit into, but once you’ve done that, you’re good to go! You aren’t guaranteed to have any samples available, and even if you do have some, if you aren’t quick they’ll be gone, but what a thrill when you do! These boxes are completely free and the only stipulation is that you have to complete a very short survey on each item you receive before you can get more!

I got this box probably about a month ago and it was filled! I was able to get: 2 Wet Nap antibacterial wipes,


A sample of Allegra Allergy with a coupon


A packet of Gevalia coffee with a coupon


A super funny card from Studio Ink (Hallmark)


Wet-Naps antibacterial wipes


Renew You Fruit Enzyme Sleep Spa mask


I’m super pleased with everything and really looking forward to trying the sleep mask! The card will be sent to my husband who’s training for his new position, lol.