Influenster VoxBox – Colgate Optic White

Here’s the thing.  I’ve tried tons of teeth whiteners in the past.  Not that my teeth are SUPER yellow but I’ve never been 100% happy with them and would really like them more white!  So, I’ve tried strips and home lights and gross toothpaste, etc etc and didn’t like any of them…mostly because I have a strong gag reflex and really get grossed out by some textures.  Yuck Yuck Yuck!!  

So when I got the word that I would be getting a new VoxBox and it was a complementary Colgate Optic White brush to test and review, I wasn’t really sure what to think.  BUT when I saw that this was just a brush with nothing to rinse or leave on, my curiosity was perked.  

The day finally came when my awesome box arrived and I ripped that bad boy open!  This is what the product looks like:


We have the brush and a little tube that clicks into the bottom.  First, you brush your teeth as normal.  We were given a small tube of the Optic White toothpaste



which I gave the old college try and used it a couple of times, but to be honest, I didn’t like it.  I’m VERY picky about the taste/texture of my toothpaste and just couldn’t use it.  Please don’t take that to mean it was bad!  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, lol, I’m just weird!!  

So, as I said, first you start by brushing your teeth.  Once you’re done you pull out the little tube from the bottom of the brush and give it one twist.  A small bead appears and you brush that onto your teeth with the rubber tip.  The instructions say to do that 4 times, 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom.  Then, you just go about your day.  I thought I would HATE having it on my teeth but it’s actually not bad at all and soon enough the bit of paste that’s there is gone.  So Easy!!

I started to see a difference extremely fast.  It’s been…3 weeks or so…and I’m so happy with this product.  My little tube has, I’m guessing, about a week left in it.  I will absolutely be purchasing a refill asap!!  

If you’d like to check out Colgate’s page to read more about this please visit .


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