Influenster Rose VoxBox – Dr. Scholl’s For Her Cozy Cushions


Oh that Rose VoxBox was like Mary Poppins bag!  Things just kept coming out of it!  

I’d never seen these Dr. Scholl’s For Her Cozy Cushions prior to receiving this box of goodies courtesy of Influenster for testing and reviewing purposes, probably because it is very new!  I did see it a week or so ago in Target so I know they’re out now!  



The second I set eyes on them, I new right where they would go – into my Uggs.  I love these boots.  I got them a couple years ago and my feet have grown (thank you, pregnancy, lol) but they still fit, thankfully, because I LOVE them.  I’m usually a flip-flops kind of girl…rarely venturing out in much else.  This is helped along by my husband being in the Army and us seemingly to go from hot to hotter to hottest!  But, once in a while the temperature does dip and I’m able to pull out my nice warm boots.  The few times I’ve gotten to wear them, one thing has bothered me…the soles.  They’ve always felt a little Hard.  I never would have put a regular cushion in because I didn’t want to sacrifice the all-around fuzziness of the boot, but with these little beauties I don’t have to!  They’re fuzzy AND cushy!  Perfect!!


Now for the *real* info!  Taken from the Influenster site:

“Dr. Scholl’s For Her Cozy Cushions help keep feet warm and dry while providing all-day comfort.  Their multi-layer design helps insulate the food while two plush layers provide extra cushioning.  Cozy Cushions help keep feet dry by absorbing perspiration and offer superior support on hard surfaces.

* Helps keep feet warm and dry

* Provides support for any boot or casual shoe

* Offers superior support on hard surfaces”

To learn more, please visit !



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