Sebastian’s First Trip to the ER

When Seb got his first haircut a couple weeks ago, I admit I cried a bit. Everything is just happening so fast and it feels like so many firsts are behind us.

I needn’t have worried. He showed me there are still Plently of firsts to be had….

See, we collect can tabs for the DAR. Most are in a bag with Box Tops but when I’m feeling lazy they’re popped into a drawer to be dealt with later. Yesterday I heard him feeling his way through a drawer…hunting for a snack I assumed. He walked over and had a tab sticking out if his mouth!! I grabbed and when I did I saw one much further back. I tried to get him to spit it out and when he wouldn’t I went to dig it out but he doubled over to get away!!

When I got him up there were 2 on the floor. One that I’d dropped and the other?? Was it from his mouth (didn’t feel wet) or his hand!!!?? My husband, who was working from home came up and made him throw up and it wasn’t there so I called his doc to ask what to do. They said, get him to the ER. So that’s where we spent our day!!

Thankfully we were in a small room and had a TV so I didn’t have to chase him for hours but it was quote a wait!! In the end, the X-Ray showed nothing there!!! Phew!!!!









The Rocking Chair

This rocking chair was my great-grandmothers. She passed it down to my grandmother, who passed it down to my mother. Hopefully someday she will pass it down to me. Today my son climbed up into it and I about cried!!


My new business

A few months ago we were at a little fair when I came across a booth with a woman selling Origami Owl Living Lockets. I’d seen them online once and thought they were pretty but that was nothing compared to how they look in real life!!

I put one together for my mom as her Mother’s Day gift and then, as we were leaving, decided that I absolutely had to have one too so we went back.

Over the next 24 hours I read up on the company and fell head over heals in love!! I contacted the woman I’d purchased mine from to see about getting on the waiting list. The wait list used to be pretty long…I think I was on it for 3 months!!! But now if you join, you’re able to get right in…lucky ducks!!! Anyways, I got right on and began my wait…

A bit over a month ago, my number finally came up!!! I ordered my kit and a couple days later it was at my doorstep! I’ve been having so much fun with it ever since!! I’ve had a couple parties and everyone seems to like it too!!!

My website is and my email is .





I enter the digital age

So, I Just thought to myself…I wonder if there’s an app for WordPress??? And lookie here, there is!! Now the only problem is that I have no idea if I can add pictures from here… If I can, I’m sure to post much more frequently!
Ooohhhh and I see how to add pictures so I’ll be back soon!!