Random Randomness

I’m tired and am going to go lay down, but I thought I’d do a real quick (REAL quick) post with some random stuff!!

A few weeks ago, John, Seb, and I went to a wedding on a Carnival ship!  We live right outside of Galveston so we were just day visitors.  I didn’t realize this was possible!  We got on a couple hours before the wedding, were allowed free reign of the ship, went to the wedding and reception, and then got off!  FUN!  I dressed my little Seb up as a Sailor!  SO CUTE!!!Image

I chopped my hair off.  Totally.  I asked for a pixie cut and got something more along the lines of Demi Moore…but it’s cute and I like it.  I haven’t gotten a good pic of ME with it yet so my hair will have to do!Image

This little boy.  He kills me.  John says he looks like Chucky when he smiles like this.  I think he just looks like sunshine and sillyness!!!Image

I know it’s not just me.  He’s too cute for words!Image

4th of July I popped this hat on him and he pulled his arms in like that…almost like he was pumping his fists.  So Funny!Image

Crafts!  For my birthday, John got me the pink mini polaroid camera!  I made this case for it from my Crochet Today magazine!Image

Also from Crochet Today – just a happy little decoration!ImageImage


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