BzzAgent Campaign – AMDRO(R) PowerFlex Pest & Weed System


One of the recent BzzAgent Campaigns that our family has been lucky enough to be a part of is the AMDRO PowerFlex Pest & Weed System.  

They say that their system “eliminates the hassle of pest and weed control as quickly and easily as it kills pests and weeds.  By simply filling the reusable tank with water and twisting a cartridge into the attached battery-powered sprayer, you can get the weed- or pest-killing power of concentrate with the ease and convenience of a ready-to-use product.”

I don’t know about you, but we have about a million bottles (BIG bottles) of different bug sprays and weed junk.  In our current house (we’re military and move around a fair amount) we have no garage.  Ugh.  No storage.  Ugh.  So all those bottles need to go Somewhere.  Even when we had a garage it was a huge pain to store them and sort through them finding what we needed.  Very annoying.

The AMDRO system eliminates all that mess!  There is a large container (ONE) which is reusable as you only fill it with water!  The concentrate comes in small little bottles that just pop in and out of the sprayer attachment.  Quick, easy, far less waste than with traditional sprays!!  

In our package we received the reusable container and 5 cartridges!  *Home Pest Indoor, *Weed & Grass Killer, *Yard & Perimeter Outdoor, *Lawn & Weed Killer, and like the awesome blogger I am, I can’t remember what the 5th is off the top of my head (I think a double of one of the others, though)!!!  So, there are plenty of different sprays for all the different issues you may have!  The Home Pest Indoor has been especially helpful as there are little ants that are Constantly trying to invade at the doors!!

Some facts:

*One four-ounce cartridge makes one full gallon of spray

*Four different types of cartridges for any weed or pest job

*Cleanup is as easy as untwisting the cartridge, pressing and holding the trigger for 10 seconds to flush the sprayer with water from the tank, and snapping the partially used cartridge into the storage area on the back of the system (if you want…).

*No measuring, mixing, or mess to clean!!

*Battery-powered sprayer controls dilution and leaves no leftover solution, limiting over-application and chemical waste

We’ve been using this indoors for the ants and outdoors for Everything since we received the package and are quite pleased!!  I think it may be time to get rid of all those other bottles of stuff!!  ImageImageImage




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