BzzAgent Campaign – FAGE Total

Recently we were given the opportunity to review the FAGE Total Greek yogurt via BzzAgent.

FAGE was founded in 1926 by the Filippou family who declared “We would never make a product that we would not give to our children.”  Nearly 100 years later we tried this great yogurt and found this to be as true then, as it is now.  They continue to follow the original recipe, which includes only two or three ingredients which are either milk and live active cultures or milk, live active cultures, and cream.  Yes, you read that correctly.  No sweeteners.  No thickeners.  No powders.  Nothing other than 2 or 3 natural, healthy, ingredients!

We’ve found that it’s great for our son to dip his fruit in.  He’s in a “dipping” stage where if he sees us dipping, he wants to also.  But we don’t really want to let him eat half a bowl of ranch or whatever we happen to be using.  So we give him a bowl of this!  Honestly…he’ll dip ANYTHING in it, but fruit seems to be the biggest hit.  It’s also amazing with honey or maple syrup mixed in.  Though, plain is quite tasty, too!

Below are some pictures of our son with a new tub as he tried to get into it!  He wasn’t pleased that he couldn’t eat it!ImageImageImageImageImageImage


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