Influenster Vox – Ivory 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash

I joined Influenster a few months ago, not really knowing what to expect but it came highly recommended by a good friend so I figured I’d give it a try!  It’s a pretty interesting site where you can review a bunch of different things in different categories, ask/answer questions, and, sometimes, get some items to try and review for free!

A couple weeks ago I qualified for the Ivory 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash and waited in anticipation for it to arrive.  I was of two minds.  On the one hand…I’m not big on shampoo/conditioner in 1 to begin with and this added body wash too…hmmmmm.  I have Very thick hair and it’s been giving me some issues with dryness lately so this doubled my hesitation.  But…on the other…it’s Ivory.  I don’t think I’ve been disappointed with an Ivory product yet so I was certainly wiling to give it an open-minded try!

The first thing I noticed was the bottle, obviously!  It’s not all flashy and fancy like some…but understated.  I like that.  The color is one of my favorites and I was happy to get the “Refreshing” scent.  Also, it’s a BIG bottle.  Really big.  I was pretty surprised by the size!!  Not in a bad way!

I then flipped the lid to check for the smell.  I don’t like things to smell too strongly or to have that medicinal scent…I’m actually pretty picky with the way I like things to smell, lol.  But, I needn’t have worried.  Like other Ivory products, it smells very nice.  No smell that I can pinpoint…just…good.  “Refreshing”, as it says on the bottle!

When I took my shower that night I brought it in to give it a go.  I popped it into my hair and left it while I then used it to shave in place of my regular body wash that I use.  It was lovely.  Worked great!!  When I was done, I washed it out and immediately thought “Hmmmm…I think my hair actually feels better…” …but I wasn’t sure yet.

Once my hair was dry later that night…I was sure.  It felt clean and SOFT, something it hasn’t felt in a while.  Bliss!!!  Plus, the light scent was just right.  If I brought my hair to my nose I could smell it but it wasn’t surrounding my head!

Now, I don’t wash my hair every day.  Mine needs the extra day or so or else it gets even dryer.  So, I washed it on Tuesday and today, Thursday, it still smells, and feels, Really nice.  I’m sold.

I also figured I’d try it on my son.  Ivory is supposed to be nice for all types of skin, not harsh like other shampoos and such, so I wasn’t worried about hurting his skin or eyes.  It worked great on him, too!  I kept sniffing his hair today, lol.

Bottom line, I think this is a great product.  While I probably won’t use it Exclusively (I’m too fickle for that!), I will absolutely use it and will buy it in the future.  AND, I will recommend it to anyone and everyone.  Ivory has made a quality product, as always!!

As an added bonus, our house has tiny bathrooms with virtually no storage space.  Right now we keep what we’re using on the tiny window sill.  Bye-bye shampoo, conditioner, and body wash!!  This bad boy takes up way less room!ImageImageImageImage

Ivory also created this video, which I think is hilarious and can soooo relate to!!

And, if you’d like to visit Ivory on Facebook, their page is


*Disclaimer – I was not paid for any part of this review and received my bottle free from Influenster.



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