A night on the town

Before we had Sebastian I always said that I wouldn’t let having a child stop us from being US and doing the things we enjoy.  This was, and is, really important to me, and I think we’ve done pretty well!  It may not be exactly the same as before…we can’t stay out as late, we have to be on our toes when the munchkin no longer wants to sit at the table, but it’s doable and we have fun!

Case in point.  We love live music.  I’m not such a fan of *concerts* per say…but a nice band where we can sit and eat?  I’m in.  In Kemah there’s a place called T-Bone Toms and they’ve started a monthly thing called “Pirates and Poets” where they bring in some music!  The very first one was Matt Hoggatt, who we’ve been fans of for awhile, so we were really excited and knew we Had to go.  

Thankfully…Sebastian loves being out and he loves music so we knew bringing him shouldn’t be an issue.   I packed his jammies and we made sure to stay past bedtime so I could change him, pop him in his car seat, and then transfer him to bed when we got home.  Worked like a charm!Image

Armadillo Egg.  Yum.  T-Bone Toms was featured on “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” and these were one of the items they showed.  Fried jallepeno with BBQ beef and some other yummy things!!!  I would really like to go back and get these again!!ImageImage

Sebastian had a corn dog and fries for his dinner…super healthy…lol.  He ate the entire corn dog, a bunch of fries, and demanded some meat from our platter!!!Image

There’s Matt on the right and Jerry Diaz on the left (a local singer – he’s hosting the show)!  They were awesome!  And Sebastian and I while I was chasing him around.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Happy boy!  I simply love his cheesy smile!  I can tell him to “Cheese Mummy” and more often than not, I get this smile!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThe show was awesome.  The guys took turns singing and it was LONG!!  We actually ended up leaving before they were done because it was just getting too late!  Sebastian did awesome.  He lasted at the table for a good long while until he needed to get down and burn off some energy.  He ran around to the different tables (we were outside…not in a nice quiet restaurant or I wouldn’t allow this!!) smiling at people and everyone loved it.  We even got a compliment from an older gentleman about what a charming, good, boy he was!



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