Happy Easter 2013



Happy Easter!  Last year, my little bunny was only a couple months old and he was passed out cold in the Easter Bunny’s arms.  So Cute.  This year…he wasn’t so sure about the Easter Bunny’s Wife!  He managed a half smile and sat on her lap…although he was sitting as far forward as he could get!!



Since he was such a good boy this year, and was nice to his wife, the Easter Bunny left Sebastian some goodies along with a card from Mom & Dad.


We headed outside to feed our friends the ducks!


And then we headed to a friends house for dinner and an egg hunt.  I wasn’t too sure what Sebastian would do…he’s only 1!  But he did amazing!  I had to point the first two out to him and then take them and put them in the basket while telling him what I was doing…but after that, he was off!  He completely filled his basket and so then we had him stop and he ran around!  It was muddy since it had rained that morning and he ended up slipping and falling on his tush…so he ran around in a diaper for the rest of the day!



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