Smiley360 Mission – Campbell’s Slow Kettle Soup

Smiley360 is a web site that I’ve more recently joined.  This was only my second mission with them and it made me a very happy girl.  I had to laugh when I opened the box…a pair of yellow and green socks!  I’m still trying to figure that one out…but I guess Winter + Soup = Socks?  Here in Texas it’s rare that I need socks, but our house does get chilly on colder days so I will not pass up a pair of comfy socks!

The real reason for this mission was the Campbell’s Slow Kettle Soup.  I chose the Braised Beef Stew with baby bella mushrooms, roasted potatoes, & burgundy wine.  This soup was literally the best store bought soup that I’ve possibly ever had.  It tasted home made!!  Normally in soup the “chunks” of potatoes are really small…but these potatoes??  Chunks!!  BIG chunks with the skin still on!!  Fresh and yummy!!!  You’d think with the big potatoes there wouldn’t be room for the rest, but you’d be WRONG my friends!!  This little thing was Packed with goodness.  The meat was good…tender, not chewy and not fatty (which really, Really bugs me).  The mushrooms, yummy.  I was so surprised by this soup!!  And I love Campbell’s soup…but it’s still canned soup!

ImageImage  CHECK IT OUT!!


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