BzzCampaign – Schick Hydro Silk Razor

The day before I was accepted into this BzzCampaign, my razor bit the dust.  That razor served me well…though it was a men’s one that I’d grabbed from my husband a while ago and wasn’t really all that comfortable to use.  So, when I learned that I’d be receiving one of the Schick Hydro Silk razors for free, I was excited!  (I know, simple things and all!)  While waiting for it to come, I just stole the razor my poor husband is currently using so he was always having to find it in the shower when he needed to shave, lol!!

Anyways, the day finally came and my razor arrived!!  Yeyyyy!!!  I took my picture and then brought it into the bathroom, ready to be put to use.  The first thing I noticed was, of course, the way it looked.  The purple and blue of the box were quite pretty and the razor itself is really really nice looking!  I Love the color!!  The shape of it fits so well in my hand (unlike the straight handle of my husbands) and it’s “warm” to the touch.

Maybe TMI, but I shaved my arm pits first and after a few seconds I had to look to see if hair was actually being removed because it felt like it was just gliding over my skin, seriously!  But, thankfully, it was working perfectly, lol.

Moving onto my legs, it worked exactly as a good razor should.  It cut the hair perfectly and felt nice, along with hydrating it with the little strip!

Super, Super glad to have been chosen for this campaign!Image



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