Smiley360 Mission – Campbell’s Slow Kettle Soup

Smiley360 is a web site that I’ve more recently joined.  This was only my second mission with them and it made me a very happy girl.  I had to laugh when I opened the box…a pair of yellow and green socks!  I’m still trying to figure that one out…but I guess Winter + Soup = Socks?  Here in Texas it’s rare that I need socks, but our house does get chilly on colder days so I will not pass up a pair of comfy socks!

The real reason for this mission was the Campbell’s Slow Kettle Soup.  I chose the Braised Beef Stew with baby bella mushrooms, roasted potatoes, & burgundy wine.  This soup was literally the best store bought soup that I’ve possibly ever had.  It tasted home made!!  Normally in soup the “chunks” of potatoes are really small…but these potatoes??  Chunks!!  BIG chunks with the skin still on!!  Fresh and yummy!!!  You’d think with the big potatoes there wouldn’t be room for the rest, but you’d be WRONG my friends!!  This little thing was Packed with goodness.  The meat was good…tender, not chewy and not fatty (which really, Really bugs me).  The mushrooms, yummy.  I was so surprised by this soup!!  And I love Campbell’s soup…but it’s still canned soup!

ImageImage  CHECK IT OUT!!

BzzCampaign – Cafe Escapes

I’m the type of girl who loves some coffee with my cream…  I’m not a fan of the taste of coffee (unless it’s coffee ice cream, that is…) so anything that tastes good but has some caffeine is a plus in my book!!  I was excited for this campaign mostly for the Vanilla Chai.  I really wanted to try it but didn’t want to buy it, hate it, and have a bunch that I didn’t want to drink!  Mmmmm it is yummy!!!!  I haven’t been able to taste the rest as I (silly me) offered to let my friends taste them instead!!  Everyone seemed to enjoy their cuppa though, so that made me happy!


BzzCampaign – Schick Hydro Silk Razor

The day before I was accepted into this BzzCampaign, my razor bit the dust.  That razor served me well…though it was a men’s one that I’d grabbed from my husband a while ago and wasn’t really all that comfortable to use.  So, when I learned that I’d be receiving one of the Schick Hydro Silk razors for free, I was excited!  (I know, simple things and all!)  While waiting for it to come, I just stole the razor my poor husband is currently using so he was always having to find it in the shower when he needed to shave, lol!!

Anyways, the day finally came and my razor arrived!!  Yeyyyy!!!  I took my picture and then brought it into the bathroom, ready to be put to use.  The first thing I noticed was, of course, the way it looked.  The purple and blue of the box were quite pretty and the razor itself is really really nice looking!  I Love the color!!  The shape of it fits so well in my hand (unlike the straight handle of my husbands) and it’s “warm” to the touch.

Maybe TMI, but I shaved my arm pits first and after a few seconds I had to look to see if hair was actually being removed because it felt like it was just gliding over my skin, seriously!  But, thankfully, it was working perfectly, lol.

Moving onto my legs, it worked exactly as a good razor should.  It cut the hair perfectly and felt nice, along with hydrating it with the little strip!

Super, Super glad to have been chosen for this campaign!Image


And, just like that, a year has passed

**This should have been posted February 1st…but as with everything else it took me a while to write it up!  And I wanted to write MORE but figured…better keep it “short” and post it!!**

Today, February 1st, is my baby’s 1st birthday.  It took us about 6 years before we were able to hold him in our arms.  6 long, slow years.  The past year?  The 1st year that he was in our life?  A blur.  Gone in the blink of an eye.

One year ago last night John and I decided that the next day, a Wednesday, we would pack the hospital bags and get them in the truck, just to be ready.  I was due on February 9th (our anniversary) and we figured…may as well be ready!!  However…a little someone had other plans.  One year ago this morning, around 7am I was woken up by cramps.  I hadn’t had Braxton Hicks so I had No idea if what I was feeling was labor or just…cramps.  John had been able to spend a lot of time home with me, but this day he HAD to leave.  He had to bring a recruit onto the guard base to get her ID and uniforms and such.  It was *Important*.  I asked if he HAD to go…because I just didn’t feel right…but he had to go.  So, okay.    I texted my Mom at 739am and asked her if contractions feel like bad cramps and she said that that’s how she starts!  Then I got in the shower…just in case.  I knew you couldn’t once your water breaks and I wanted to be safe!  At 8:23, before I showered, I started timing these “cramps”.  The first was 10:56 after, the next was 8:06 after that.  The next?  4:01 and then they jumped to between 1 and 2 min apart!!  What the heck!!  OMG it was awful!!  At 8:46 I sent John a text…there may have even been a swear in there (which is how he knew I was SERIOUS).  He left his recruit on the base (lol) and drove home to me.  I attempted throwing some things in bags (remember…we were going to pack that night!!) but that didn’t work out.  Poor John, when he got home I could barely talk or breathe but he had to pack for me!!

While waiting for John I texted my mom back and Rachel.  We’d had plans that day…which we obviously were not going to get to do!!  Her response?  “That is f*****g awesome!  My rabbit rabbit worked!  I was praying you’d go into labor today!”  LOL!!  Oh Rachel!!

When we arrived at the Doc’s office they checked me and asked how far my contractions were.  When I told them about 2 min apart they gave me *the look*!!  It’s not my fault, I told them!!  They’d only started a couple hours earlier!!!!   I was also at 3-4 so I was well on my way!!

We went up to L&D and at some point in all of this my mom Skype’d us.  I’d said I didn’t have a problem with this so she called in and John sticks the phone LITERALLY about 2 inches in front of my face as I’m writhing in pain…I asked him to Please Get That Phone OUT OF MY FACE!! So he moved it about 3 inches further.  I was not amused!  LOL  The nurse was like, “Oh this is normal, she’s progressing” but *I* thought…NO ONE WANTS A PHONE THAT CLOSE when they’re in the labor!

Anyways, to make a VERY long story short, I stalled at 6.  I hadn’t had any drugs up to this point but it was decided that we needed to try Something to get me started again.  We tried and tried…nothing.  Nothing.  Nothing.  And finally – C section!  Ugh.  It wasn’t quite to the emergency stage yet but they said it would soon be so I agreed.  Honestly, and this is coming from someone who Hates going to the doctor and cries when she gets shots…, it really wasn’t bad.  I lost a lot of blood and they had to make the incision bigger because he was wedged in there weird, but at 5:27pm they pulled him out.

The year since then has been wild.  It took me 10 months to put him into his own room…which meant it was 10 months before he started sleeping!  If we have another, I’ll put that one in their own room sooner as we were all happier after that.  Sleeping was really the only issue we’ve had though.  Sebastian is a wonderful, smart, funny, sweet, adventurous little boy and I wouldn’t have him any other way.  My heart grew two sizes once he was placed in my arms and I’m so glad he’s here and that he’s ours.  I love watching him grow and learn but at the same time…it’s bittersweet.  Since it took 6 years to get him…I may never have another.  So each new thing he does, each pound he gains, he’s getting further and further from being a Baby to being his own little person with his Own Ideas about what he wants to do.  And there I sit saying, “Sebastian…can Mommy have a hug??”  Lol  Oh Sebastian Jacob…how I love you!!

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