To the park…at last!!!

Poor Sebastian…what an awful Mummy he has!  He’s almost (*sob*) one and the first time I’ve ever brought him to the park was last week!  After a bit of a “chilly” spell, Thursday was in the 80s and I got a text from Christina wondering if we’d like to go with her and Connor.  You know what?  Yes, we’d Love to!!  First we took a walk around the pond “feeding” the ducks and turtles…who were completely uninterested in the bread, lol.  Ah well.ImageImage

Sebastian was also completely uninterested in sitting in his stroller so I guess it worked out!  So we went back to the main area and found a spot on the grass to stretch out so we could chat and the boys could play!ImageImageImageImage

We made sure to stay hydrated (it was HOT) and when Sebastian grew restless I took him over to the slide.  He Loved it.  I’d sit him at the top and hold his hand and he’d Push himself off the top and slide dowwwnnnnn, laughing the whole time!  Image

We were FINALLY able to get the boys onto the swings!  Connor loved it right away, laughing and having a grand old time.  But Sebastian??  He didn’t really seem so sure.  Not scared…just…meh.  I was taking pictures…trying to capture his First Time Swinging (which I’d been SURE he’d love) and he was just not into it!  Finally I gave him a bigger push and it was a whole new adventure!  I should have known this boy of mine who LOVES climbing, being thrown into the air, falling backwards, etc would need to go fast and high!!ImageImageImageImageImageIt was a really super day and I’m so glad Christina thought of it!!!


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