Bernat Mystery CAL 2012 (yes, 2012) FINISHED!

This New Years Eve I didn’t make any Resolution’s.  I don’t really need to, I guess.  I’m not to my goal weight, but I’m getting there.  I’m trying to be a better housewife.  I already have my Master’s Degree so I’m good there.  Etc Etc.  But what I did make were Intentions.  I Intend to read more this year.  Sebastian was born February 1, 2012 and so reading this last year hasn’t happened much.  I also Intend to make MYSELF more things.  Yes, selfish.  But I’ve really not made myself much…and have Never made myself a blanket!  And to make more things for Sebastian.  I’d started a sweater for him before he was born and what with everything going on…and making so many things for other people…it was finished in November…and didn’t exactly fit.  I also Intend to keep learning to knit and to sew!  

Anyways, back to the Afghan!  Last year either right before, or right after, my little Prince was born, I joined this CAL.  Shouldn’t be hard, I figured…a few pieces a week.  It started off good!  I got the first 2 clues done on time and then…nothing.  He got more mobile, I had things to make for others, and we moved.  So after making my New Years Intentions I remembered this blanket and I pulled it out.

I LOVE this yarn.  I remembering finding it a month or two before the CAL and just squishing it every time I’d go by the display…but I wasn’t sure what I’d do with it yet.  Until…I found the Mystery CAL.  Problem solved.  It’s taken me less than a month to complete it and I even added my own border to it.  I LOVE IT.  

I’ve not been able to take any GOOD pictures yet…lol…so these will have to do.  The top one I just think is too funny.  The whole time I was making it, Sebastian would try to grab it.  I told him as soon as I was done, he could “have” it.  And the morning after I finished, when he grabbed it and I didn’t stop him he was sooooo happy.  He ran around his area, dragging it behind until he tuckered himself out.  He’s not sleeping…eyes are open…but he needed a bit of a breather!  LOL  The other’s were my sad attempt to stretch it out and at least get a bit of a picture to show…but even then every time I did Sebastian would walk onto it and sit and grab it!  Once I managed to get him to the side…Willow decided it looked nice, too.  *sigh*  Ah well…you can at least get an idea!!


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