BzzAgent Campaign – Stella Artois

The latest, and greatest, BzzAgent Campaign that I have been lucky enough to have been chosen for is Stella Artois!!  When I found out that I was going to receive this one, I was So incredibly excited!  Not only do I greatly enjoy this Amazing Belgian Beer, but my husband Loves it!  I kept it a secret until my package arrived and let him open it.  What a surprise!!  A Stella Chalice!!  Truly the only way to drink this!

As this is one of our favorites, we just about always have it in the house and so today, after a hard day of working outside, John had a Stella…the correct way.  We’d love to bring this glass out to a bar and see if we could get our Stella this way (if they don’t have them) but we’ve got ourselves an 11 month old and bars aren’t in the picture at this moment!  LOL  So, home is just as good and having the chalice certainly steps the experience up a notch!



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