Christmas Part 2

One of the days Mom & Nikki were here, we went to Moody Gardens.  First trip for us all.  Since there are aquariums everywhere, we all decided to go to the Rainforest Pyramid!  It was soooo cool!!


Sebastian wasn’t sure about the jogging stroller…


There were pretty birds!!


And Sebastian just wanted out…


There were crazy monkeys who reached out and touched me from behind (and got me yelled at)  and who wanted to eat Lilly…


There were my signature blurry flower pictures…


And blurry babies…


And then the real reason we made the trip – the Festival of Lights!  It was Gorgeous (and perfectly chilly!!!)


As an aside…every year for the past 2 years we’ve been home for either Thanksgiving or Christmas and have gone to the Outlet Mall with our friends Chris & Melissa.  The first year I got a Coach diaper bag for super cheap, last year I got a “granny” Coach. This year we didn’t go home but I saw no reason not to continue the tradition with Mom and Nik so before we went to Moody Gardens we stopped at the outlet and the girls ran into the Coach store.  Mom & Nik each got a purse and I got this purse and wristlet.  The purse is a shimmery silver and the wristlet is actually a raspberry color that goes amazingly well with the purse.  I actually think they charged me wrong for the purse…but I still got it much cheaper than regular price so I’m happy.


I’m so so happy that my Mom and Sister were able to come for (most of) the holidays.  It wouldn’t have been the same without them and I miss them terribly!  Thankfully, Sebastian and I should be able to fly in for a long weekend mid-Feb to have a birthday party for him so I haven’t that long to wait to see them again!


P.S. I’m LOLing at how “happy” they look in all the pictures.  And also, in the pic where Nikki is wearing the Kermit (mine) hat and mom is wearing the GORGEOUS mitten – I’m wearing one and she’s wearing the other because I needed a free hand for my camera!!!  LOL.  And I made the mittens!!  And YES, I’m wearing my High School jacket.  What can I say??  I know it was expensive and it is truly the warmest jacket I have!!!!  I still love it X number of years later!!!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Part 2

  1. Bailey says:

    Looks like a great outing.

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