Some finished Christmas gifts!

This past year has been pretty crazy what with (finally) becoming a Mummy!  This means I didn’t get much crocheting done for Sebastian or myself.  But I Did get some great Christmas presents completed:


Heart ornaments for a few people


Wicket for my sister, Sarah!  His little hood even comes off!  Sooooo cute!!!


Pin cushion for my friend, Christina.  I also made a matching needle book…which somehow I didn’t get a picture of!!


Scrubbie for Ariella!  She loves getting these and I love that she actually uses them!!  A lot of people get them and then don’t use them because they’re “too pretty”, etc.  But really, it makes me happy when the things I make are used!  It’s hard when you hand make things…you never know if they’ll be appreciated.


Travel checkers for Ariella and Phil!  They go camping and such a lot and I thought it would be fun to have something like this.  It’s cotton so it’s washable and it’s light so it won’t add a lot of weight to their packs!


And finally, my first completed knitted project.  My little sister, Nikki, loves Dr. Who so I thought she’d like a Dr. Who inspired bow tie necklace!  And, she loves it!  Woohoo!!


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