Second completed knitted project



This is my 2nd completed knitted project.  I started this on my birthday, June 2, and finished it almost exactly 7 months later.  In my defense…I only worked on it in the car.  It was supposed to use three skeins of yarn but when I was about done with the second I decided that it should be wide enough for me as it was.  Love it!!

One of the only “resolutions” I made this year was to make more things for Sebastian and I.  I usually make so many things for other people that *I* never get anything handmade and now that he’s here, I want him to have things.  I mean…the sweater I started for him before he was born got put aside and when I finally finished it, it was so small on him I could barely get a picture!  LOL  So I was really happy that my first completed item of the year was for me!  

I’m now working on finishing up the Bernat CAL from last year!  I started it before Sebastian was born and only got through 2 of the clues.  I’m not on Clue 5, with 4 more squares to go for this one and then, I think, only one more clue before putting it all together!  I’m excited for this blanket as it’ll be the first I’ve made for myself and the yarn is so squishy soft!!



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