Christmas was a blur…Part 1

Babies first Christmas has come and gone and I must admit…I’m feeling a little sad.  Christmas is my favorite time of year ANYWAYS.  I’m lucky that my birthday is almost exactly 6 months after (before?) Christmas so I have something to look forward to pretty much always.  But…there’s still something special about Christmas.  Now that I (finally!!!) have my own little one…Christmas has been especially special.  I made cookies this year…3 batches, 3 different types, all super yummy.  John read “Twas the Night Before Christmas”…which I’ve made him read Every year since our first Christmas together in 2003…but which brought a tear to my eye as he softly read it this year as I nursed Sebastian to sleep.  We left some egg nog, cookies, and carrots for Santa and his reindeer.  We eagerly anticipated Boxing Day and my mom and sisters arrival!!  And I spent far too much money and we (and Santa) gave Sebastian far too many toys.  But…that’s okay.  I’ve waited so long for this…this first Christmas…that I wanted it to be perfect.  And it very nearly was.  Mom & Nikki couldn’t be here Christmas Day because they couldn’t leave my Grandparents (understandably…we’d have much rather been there with them all).  It was HOT up until right before…I think I need a couple years back up in New England to remind me why I love the heat.  But overall…it was amazing.  However…now it’s over.  It’s done.  Did I do enough??  Did I take enough pictures??  Did I let it all soak in??  I hope so.  I think so.  But I’ll miss it, as I always do, until the next!!  So here, in what will probably be 2 parts, is our Christmas…Image

We got family pictures taken.  They weren’t all this silly.  LOL  I had to have one with our Christmas Disney hats on…as awkward as it may be (we also had a wedding picture taken with wedding Disney ears on…tradition).Image

Sebastian grinned and wouldn’t wear the Santa hat I made him.  He’s awesome.  I love his smile!!!Image

These pictures are NOT in order…apparently…our stockings and our tree.  From left to right…John’s pirate snowman.  I made this while in Kuwait a few years ago.  Sebasitan’s Pooh Bear that I’ve had for YEARS, and my reindeer from my Mama.  John’s says “Johnny” and mine says “Alexis”.  I’ll have to make Sebastian a special one at some point (I am working on one for me…)ImageSebastian looked adorable…even while crying…


He grinned at himself in the mirror…Image

Some of the cookies I made…Image

What we left for Santa!Image

What Santa left for me!!!  I think he must have liked the cookies I baked!!  Sometimes I think I’m a 12 year old boy trapped in a woman’s body…friends asked for purses, I asked for a new waterproof camera and a Wii U… (Of course, my gift to myself was a new Coach purse and wristlet, albeit from the Outlet!).Image

Sebastian and Elmo wait for Nana & Aunty Nikki to arrive.Image



Christmas morning Sebastian went straight to the Little People cow that Santa left him!  He Loves cows and laughs whenever I tell him what cows say!




Finally, Mom and Nikki (and Lilly…) got here on Boxing Day!!!  We enjoyed some shopping, eating, lounging, playing, and just hanging out together.  It was Wonderful!!



Daisy certainly got her share of cuddles…


One night, we got a text from our cousins, and Sebastian’s Godparents and Great Aunty, that they were in town for the night as they

were going on a Disney cruise!  We met for dinner and Sebastian got some awesome loves!!


Sebastian and his Aunty Nikki got some great playtime in!


And Sebastian read his books that Nana brought him!



Would it really be Christmas without forcing your child into an embarrassing outfit ala A Christmas Story??


One day over the holidays (sooooo out of order…) John and I went to Galveston for Dicken’s on the Strand and Sebastian saw Santa (f or the second time)…and hated it!!!  He melted down immediately!!  So funny!!!




He loves his Little People Nativity!


We took a family picture with the Santa that Sebastian didn’t like!!!


Baby’s hands with Daddy’s!!  So sweet!


And we found our Christmas tree!!!  I’m not sure why these pictures are all totally out of order…but that’s okay…I supposed, lol.  I’m learning!!!



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