Sebastian’s Special Drawer

I firmly believe that you have to pick your battles.  There will be ones that are Important To Win and there are those that really…it’s better to let someone else win.  This drawer is one of the latter.  Sebastian’s “area” is pretty much the entire living room.  I have one of the baby yard…things…that are supposed to be in circle, but instead I have it going around the outside of the “area” so that he can’t get to anything that could hurt him.  He’s kept in (pretty much…he’s crafty) by the couch (L shaped), another section of the yard, and a toy.  In the middle is his Land.  The coffee table is the only thing that isn’t his…but is slowly being taken over as he gets smarter and stronger.  

First to go was the stuff in the shelves on the sides of it.  Some of his toys and books are now there instead of our magazines and books.  I thought that would be it.  Oh, how wrong I was.  There are also 2 drawers on one side of it.  This table is Solid.  It’s very heavy and so are the drawers…but he’s finally able to open the top one (it’s smaller).  

Oh it was a battle!  Him opening it and trying to get at the stuff, us telling him to stop, that it wasn’t his, removing him, closing it.  He’d CRYYYYYY!  He’d try to hold it open so we couldn’t close it!!  It was awful.  One night I decided…it’s really not worth it.  He’s too young to Really understand that, “Hey son, this drawer is not only full of Mummy & Daddy’s stuff, but it’s also stuff that is important/dangerous/etc”  So after he went to bed I cleaned it out and put all his little stuff in there.  The next day, sure as the sun will rise, he went over to the table and opened the drawer.  I think his first surprise was that I didn’t stop him…and then he looked in and saw what was in there now and…it was so worth it, to lose this battle.  He was SO HAPPY.  He Loves putting his things in the drawer, taking them out and playing, putting some back to grab some different ones…

I know that we can’t always let him get his way…but I’m also glad that I realized that this wasn’t worth fighting with a baby about.  We’re all happier now that he has His Very Own Drawer.  And I *think* I did it in a good way?  I didn’t just give in…I treated it as a surprise and he’s so pleased!!ImageImage


Bernat Mystery CAL 2012 (yes, 2012) FINISHED!

This New Years Eve I didn’t make any Resolution’s.  I don’t really need to, I guess.  I’m not to my goal weight, but I’m getting there.  I’m trying to be a better housewife.  I already have my Master’s Degree so I’m good there.  Etc Etc.  But what I did make were Intentions.  I Intend to read more this year.  Sebastian was born February 1, 2012 and so reading this last year hasn’t happened much.  I also Intend to make MYSELF more things.  Yes, selfish.  But I’ve really not made myself much…and have Never made myself a blanket!  And to make more things for Sebastian.  I’d started a sweater for him before he was born and what with everything going on…and making so many things for other people…it was finished in November…and didn’t exactly fit.  I also Intend to keep learning to knit and to sew!  

Anyways, back to the Afghan!  Last year either right before, or right after, my little Prince was born, I joined this CAL.  Shouldn’t be hard, I figured…a few pieces a week.  It started off good!  I got the first 2 clues done on time and then…nothing.  He got more mobile, I had things to make for others, and we moved.  So after making my New Years Intentions I remembered this blanket and I pulled it out.

I LOVE this yarn.  I remembering finding it a month or two before the CAL and just squishing it every time I’d go by the display…but I wasn’t sure what I’d do with it yet.  Until…I found the Mystery CAL.  Problem solved.  It’s taken me less than a month to complete it and I even added my own border to it.  I LOVE IT.  

I’ve not been able to take any GOOD pictures yet…lol…so these will have to do.  The top one I just think is too funny.  The whole time I was making it, Sebastian would try to grab it.  I told him as soon as I was done, he could “have” it.  And the morning after I finished, when he grabbed it and I didn’t stop him he was sooooo happy.  He ran around his area, dragging it behind until he tuckered himself out.  He’s not sleeping…eyes are open…but he needed a bit of a breather!  LOL  The other’s were my sad attempt to stretch it out and at least get a bit of a picture to show…but even then every time I did Sebastian would walk onto it and sit and grab it!  Once I managed to get him to the side…Willow decided it looked nice, too.  *sigh*  Ah well…you can at least get an idea!!

To the park…at last!!!

Poor Sebastian…what an awful Mummy he has!  He’s almost (*sob*) one and the first time I’ve ever brought him to the park was last week!  After a bit of a “chilly” spell, Thursday was in the 80s and I got a text from Christina wondering if we’d like to go with her and Connor.  You know what?  Yes, we’d Love to!!  First we took a walk around the pond “feeding” the ducks and turtles…who were completely uninterested in the bread, lol.  Ah well.ImageImage

Sebastian was also completely uninterested in sitting in his stroller so I guess it worked out!  So we went back to the main area and found a spot on the grass to stretch out so we could chat and the boys could play!ImageImageImageImage

We made sure to stay hydrated (it was HOT) and when Sebastian grew restless I took him over to the slide.  He Loved it.  I’d sit him at the top and hold his hand and he’d Push himself off the top and slide dowwwnnnnn, laughing the whole time!  Image

We were FINALLY able to get the boys onto the swings!  Connor loved it right away, laughing and having a grand old time.  But Sebastian??  He didn’t really seem so sure.  Not scared…just…meh.  I was taking pictures…trying to capture his First Time Swinging (which I’d been SURE he’d love) and he was just not into it!  Finally I gave him a bigger push and it was a whole new adventure!  I should have known this boy of mine who LOVES climbing, being thrown into the air, falling backwards, etc would need to go fast and high!!ImageImageImageImageImageIt was a really super day and I’m so glad Christina thought of it!!!

BzzAgent Campaign – Claritin-D

This time of the year, many people are prone to the sickies!!  Thankfully…my family and I are Not.  I was still excited to accept this BzzCampaign because A) You never know and B) I did not realize that Claritin-D not only works for allergy congestion but also on nasal congestion due to colds!!  Isn’t that just the pits…when you have a cold and can’t breathe making it near impossible to sleep??  So not only do you feel awful but you’re also tired??  Ugh.  I hate that.  I am now a proud owner of a box of this stuff and will absolutely pull it out first the next time I’m not feeling well!Image

BzzAgent Campaign – Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut cereal


About a week ago I got a nice slender box with that familiar BzzAgent tape on it!  Woohoo!!  I knew what it had to be – a box of cereal!!  Who doesn’t love cereal?  I know we all do, lol.  My (almost) 1 year old (*sob*) is now eating mostly “real” food so a healthy, but yummy cereal to add to his morning lineup was perfect.  We’ve all had some of this and really really like it!!  Not too nutty, not too sweet, perfectly enjoyable!Image

BzzAgent Campaign – Stella Artois

The latest, and greatest, BzzAgent Campaign that I have been lucky enough to have been chosen for is Stella Artois!!  When I found out that I was going to receive this one, I was So incredibly excited!  Not only do I greatly enjoy this Amazing Belgian Beer, but my husband Loves it!  I kept it a secret until my package arrived and let him open it.  What a surprise!!  A Stella Chalice!!  Truly the only way to drink this!

As this is one of our favorites, we just about always have it in the house and so today, after a hard day of working outside, John had a Stella…the correct way.  We’d love to bring this glass out to a bar and see if we could get our Stella this way (if they don’t have them) but we’ve got ourselves an 11 month old and bars aren’t in the picture at this moment!  LOL  So, home is just as good and having the chalice certainly steps the experience up a notch!