Old Navy Sample & Share – Activewear

Last month I was shocked (and excited) to finally get accepted for an Old Navy Sample & Share on Crowdtap!  The general idea is that you receive two coupons…one for you and one for a friend.  The coupons I received was for 2 Activewear items – a top & a bottom!  Exciting!  

I chose my friend Christina to join me and…then forgot to check the coupons for expiration.  When I finally did we only had a few days left – and most of those days were Christmas week!  Knowing we’d both be busy, we decided to do it the next day (yesterday), the Saturday before Christmas.  Wouldn’t you know, I woke up feeling AWFUL…but I was determined to get out and do this.  Especially since hubby was home and would keep our 10 month old with him!!  LOL

When we got to Old Navy we were directed to the Activewear section and just stood there for a few min…so much to choose from.  I was slightly disappointed in the color choices.  The pants with the color panel at the top were almost gone other than the purple.  There was one pink in small and one blue in another size.  I need Medium and so neither of these would work for me!  But the purple was nice so I grabbed those to try on.  

I’m quite shy so I was a bit worried that someone would say something as I snapped pictures in the changing room, but armed with my letter from The Old Navy Team, I knew I was allowed.  Thankfully, no one said anything!  We tried on a number of outfits and really had a blast!

Here’s me in the pants I chose for free and a top I did not get.  Cute, but the shape wasn’t very flattering on me:


Next I changed my shirt.  I LOVED how bright and fun it was.  Plus…the fit was Awesome.  I ended up buying this topImage

Finally, I grabbed one of the jackets.  I’m not much of a jacket person to begin with, but it looked cute and I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it on.  Wouldn’t you know, I loved it.  The sleeves are a bit long and have thumb holes.  I’m not a runner so I’m not sure why this is there…to keep your hands warmer?  To keep the sleeves from flapping??  Whatever the reason, it’s pretty neat and I ended up getting this jacket (along with the pants) for free with my coupon.  And this was my final look:Image

Christina went for a pair of the all black pants and immediately loved them.  She chose this top in blue and seeing it on her was what made me go grab one.  She chose these pants for free and bought this top:Image

And then after seeing the jacket on me, she had to try one on.  I’d grabbed a blue (which I LOVED…but since I wanted the pink top figured it would be a little much) and brought it over to her:



In the end, we both chose a pair of pants and a jacket to use with our coupons and ended up buying the top (and some other things…).  We were both seriously impressed with the quality of these clothes!  We’re both Old Navy fans anyways and this just fueled the fire.  These are soft, comfortable, and they look seriously stylish!  

Upon checking out I was worried that we’d have some issues and asked the check out lady if she’d seen our coupons before.  She said no, but scanned it and (of course) it worked perfectly.  She mentioned how it was a Great coupon and how did I get it!?  I explained about Crowtap and how I was chosen to be on this Old Navy Style Council!  She was suitably impressed, lol.

All the rest of the day Christina and I couldn’t stop exclaiming about the fact that we’d each just gotten 55$ in FREE CLOTHES from Old Navy!!  110$ between us!  That’s amazing.  She came over after dinner last night, already wearing her new pants!!  We couldn’t be happier with this whole experience.  

The ONLY downside was that the check out lady forgot to take off the security thingy on my jacket…and it didn’t make anything go off when we left!!  So…before I can wear my awesome new jacket, I have to go back to Old Navy.  …darn…more shopping!  😉





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