BzzAgent Campaign – Glade

I recently joined a site called BzzAgent and am Loving it!! My first campaign was for Glade and I was sent a Bunch of coupons, most do give out to friends but also a couple for me to get the new Glade Oil Diffuser and Mister for free!! I found them at Walmart when they finally got them in but only 2 scents! I got the diffuser in pineapple and the mist in cotton.

I’m not yet certain about the diffuser. I don’t usually like oil based things like this unless the scent is very mild. The pineapple is not. That said, it’s not so bad that I have taken it down…it’s just not quite mild enough. When the pineapple is gone, I will try another scent!

The mister is great – the cotton smell is very nice but what I love best is the container. It’s a plain white white a nice shape to it – something I can leave out rather than having to hide it away.

The oil diffuser is also nice and can be left out. The pineapple one came with a wooden holder. I’m interested in seeing if the other scents have different looking ones.

All said, I’m Really pleased with these two products and was really happy to be chosen for this campaign!!


Fisher Price Joy of Learning

I’m a member of the House Party website which is a totally free, totally awesome, place to be!  You can apply to host parties and they send you a box of stuff.  Companies basically use you to get the word out about their products…but since you get some free stuff, it works!  I applied for the Fisher Price party, never thinking I would get this one…but I did!  And Holy Toys!!!  They sent 4 brand new, big toys and then another box with a bunch of CDs and Coloring Books for our guests, batteries, gift bags, and coupons!!  It was like Christmas!  We’ve only set up the Ballcano so far, which Sebastian loves, and I took the Apptivity Monkey out of his box, which he also loves!!