Weekend at the Lake!

This past weekend, friends of ours invited us to spend the weekend with them at his parents house on the lake!  Sounded like it would be a really nice time so of course we said, Yes!!


Sebastian had a great time trying to crawl everywhere…looking simply adorable as he did it!


Willow also had a great time.  Such a great time that I had to take her to the groomers today to get Shaved because she ran through a sticker-burr patch!


I was able to get a TINY bit of crochet in as this happened:


Ohhh the joy of a napping baby!!!


The view was Amazing!!!


Sunday we went to the beach and played in the water and on the jet-skis!


We had such a great time!!!  Dinner on Friday was a steam pot and it was Amazing: crab legs, shrimp, scallops, lobster tail, potatoes, and fresh corn!!!  OMG.  Saturday dinner was Also super yummy!!  BBQ ribs and red snapper!  Sunday morning we woke up to fresh biscuits and gravy and I fell in love with Jay’s mom…she makes them PLAIN and lets guests add their own salt and pepper.  I HATE pepper so this made me So happy!!!  And they were So yummy!!!!


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