The New Project

I’ve been simply DYING to work with some lovely BRIGHT colors lately.  Everything else I’m working on seems quite muted.  A baby blanket in white and soft colors, a secret project in off-white, even my knitted cowl isn’t Bright, though it is, at least, colorful.  So I’ve been wanting to work on something bright.  But I don’t have a lot of Time, especially since 2 of those projects have deadlines.  

What I do have is a pillow form that I’ve had for ages.  I originally intended to sew a cover for it.  I bought it before I learnt to crochet…thinking a sewn cover would be easy.  And maybe it is but I’ve yet to try…][p\(Sebastian had to say hello).

So I finally decided on a Granny Square cover.  Couldn’t be easier.  Granny squares are super easy.  I just need to make a couple sides and sew them together.  I can do that.  But what color?  I’ve realized recently that I have a LOT of things that are blue and green with a bit of orange (and sometimes yellow) thrown in.  And I love these colors, this combination.  So I decided that my pillow color would be these colors too.  You can see what I bought below.  It’s Caron Simply Soft.  It’s 100% acrylic, but that’s fine…because it Is soft.  

I started it last night and love it already!!  Now…to find the pillow form amongst all the boxes…



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