Babies First 4th of July

I can’t believe the 4th of July has come and gone!!  But we had such a fun day!!!


Here’s my little firecracker all dressed up for the day.  I had totally forgotten to get him something to wear and the night before I went through his things and found this.  It was 3 month size but looked a bit bit and what do you know?  It fit like a charm!


Around 1 we headed out to Old Town Spring.  I’ve been dying to go there since we first came down here and drove through it.  Adorable.  They were having a “festival” which is why I wanted to go.  Honestly…it wasn’t much of a festival.  Most of the shops had free lemonade and that was the extent of it, lol!  But that’s okay, it was still a really cute place!  With the temp around 100 degrees we didn’t dawdle as much as I would have liked, but there’s plenty of time for that.  We’ll def be back!ImageImage

We decided to have lunch at one of the little places.  John loved his meal and mine was “meh”.  Probably because I got a grilled cheese but everything on the menu just screamed “greasy” to me.  It was a good grilled cheese though – bacon and cheese!  And I had a Corona so I was happy!


We ended up leaving a bit earlier than I wanted because the radar showed rain coming (which didn’t, lol) but not before bumping into a family in the weirdest way.  So we’d stopped to take the above pictures and I was getting up  as I’d finished when a family – mom, dad, little boy, little girl – came up to us.  They said it was funny running into us because they’d seen us from a distance earlier and he’d commented to her that they’d had the EXACT stroller…and even weirder, the EXACT diaper bag!!  So we laughed about that and discovered they just moved here a week ago (we just moved here a few weeks ago), from Tampa (our home), and he’d worked at SOCOM (we BOTH used to work there)!!!  How WEIRD is that???  We chatted for a while and exchanged numbers.  They seemed really nice so hopefully we can get together with them at some point.

When we left I was able to talk Johnny into making a stop so that I could pop into the Half Price Books store and Hobby Lobby really quick.  Oh boy I wish I’d had more time.  I found a Beach Boys and a Jimmy Buffet album and some awesome yarny books at HPB and got some yarn for a new project at HL!  Woohoo!


Once home we prepared some living room picnic food and John presented me with a yummy shot!  We didn’t go out for fireworks as much as I would have liked to…I just didn’t know how Sebastian would be with them.  Plus I figured the dogs would be happier if we were home with them.  We HEARD a ton of them though…our neighbors were setting all sorts of stuff off, which surprised me.  We are certainly not out in the middle of nowhere.  So I didn’t entirely miss them!  I saw lots of colors reflected in the windows and heard lots of pops and bangs!  

After putting my little boy to bed, John and I stayed up and watched a super creepy movie…of course I can’t remember the name now!!  Great day!!


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