My Most Favorite Craft

I’ve been baby crazy for as long as I can remember.  I’ve Always known that I wanted to be a mommy and just couldn’t wait for all the baby related crafts!  Of course then it took years and years for that dream to become a reality but Sebastian is just that – a dream come true.  And WAYYYYYYY more work that I ever realized, lol.  This means that I have gotten exactly One baby craft done since he was born.  I’ve gotten another one started and have worked on a couple other things, but just one baby one.  Ah well, lol, it’s a good one at least.

For Mother’s Day I scoured Pinterest trying to find something fun to make for my mom and I LOVED all the little handprint things.  So I decided on a little flower pot.  The tablecloth and flowerpot are both fabric and the rest is paint.  After doing a couple handprints I realized that it is next to impossible to get a little person to open up their hand and not squish it around in the paint so I changed to feet, lol.  I made one for my mom and knew I had to also make one for me.  I just adore it and every time I walk past where it hangs it makes me want to have a bit of a cry.  I’m So thankful to have finally gotten the chance to make my very own baby craft!!



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