Love of Vinyl

For my birthday this year I asked John for a record player.  Nothing fancy…just something that would actually play records.  I honestly don’t listen to music much.  In the shower and in the car for the most part.  While I’m home I prefer the tv to be on for the background noise.  But records are different.  There’s just something special about them.  So we started collecting them when we’d find them cheap enough until we found our player!  Target had one on sale for 88$.  Regularly 100 something or other we figured, why not.  And it’s great!  You can hook up your ipod to it or play CD or listen to the radio.  But of course, I just want it for the record player.

One of the things we Love to do is go to second hand shops.  Yesterday we went to the Salvation Army and a NAM store and we Scored.  The NAM store had Tons of records…75c each!  I usually pull all the ones I would like and then go through them to find which have scratches.  At this place I only found ONE that “sort of” had scratches!!  They must check them as they come in??

This is the pile that I came away with:


Doesn’t look like all that many but I got:

Billy Joel – Piano Man

Pat Benatar – Crimes of Passion

Thoroughly Modern Millie (Julie Andrews)


Disney’s Christmas Favorites (I had this as a child!)

Air Supply – Greatest Hits

The Sound of Music

ABBA – Greatest Hits

Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run

STYX – The Grand Illusion

Ringo Star

Blondie – Plastic Letters

Jackson Browne – The Pretender

Blondie – The Hunter

Tchaikovsy – Sleeping Beauty

The Charlie Daniels Band – Million Mile Reflections

Billy Joel – The Nylon Curtain

Andy Williams – Moon River

Favorite Stories from Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Elton John – Rock of the Westies

!!!!  I’m soooo excited!!!


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