5 Months

5 months ago today he came into our lives.  9 days early and Very quickly…followed by very slowly…followed by a c-section, something I never thought I’d have.  We tried for many, many years to have him so when I was finally pregnant it was a bit of a shock.  I enjoyed it though.  Sure there were times (weeks and weeks) when I felt ill and it was painful, but it was amazing too.

At 5 months he is starting to get into everything.  He can sit up unaided, which he’s been able to do for a while.  But now he tends to throw himself onto his stomach so he can get closer to things.  Always things he shouldn’t.  Books (mine, not his…mine seem to be cooler), wires, his shoes, lol.  He can’t crawl but he can certainly move himself about!  He can roll.  I’ve given him rice cereal a couple of times and he LOVES it.  I had every intention of waiting until he was 6 months old, but he seems to REALLY want to eat…everything.  So I figured I’d try it out.  He goes crazy for the spoon!!  He’s not sleeping through the night, though he does sometimes.  He usually wakes about once and then goes to sleep until morning.  If morning is early, I pull him into bed and feed him.  Sometimes he falls back asleep, sometimes Daddy takes him for me.  His favorite place to be is in our arms.  He’ll sit and play by himself sometimes, for a little while but mostly he just wants to be held.  Right now he’s trying to squirm into my lap, lol.  Which means, time for me to go and cuddle my boy!!  

Happy 5 Months my little Sunshine!



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