So Proud





We couldn’t be more proud of this boy!  When John and I started dating he was only about 9 years old.  He is now 18 years old and in the Army.  These pictures were taken last summer.  He made the choice to go to Basic Training the summer between his Junior and Senior years and to then graduate a semester early.  We were so lucky to be able to drive up to where he was and see the Basic Training Graduation ceremony.  I admit, I got a bit teary eyed.  This boy who started off with us both wondering where he would go in life, has turned into a smart, kind, handsome man who I am So proud to call my son.  It has definitely been a joint endeavor between his mom, dad, and I and I am thankful that I have been given the opportunity to be part of his life!!  I love this “kid”!!ImageThe proud father and son!ImagePosing with his “sister”, lol.ImageImageImage



A Festival Day









Back in April we decided to head to the Strawberry Festival in a town near to where we were living.  It was no where near the size of the Florida Strawberry Festival, but it was cute and we had a really nice day!



I just LOVE goats!!!  





The best part of the day was that we got to spend it with friends!!!

The Worst was when I got yelled at by some crazy old lady.  We were inside, trying to cool down for a few min as it was Very hot out and an old lady (the same one) came up to me Twice and yelled at me that I was a horrible mother and should have a coat on my child.  It was probably 90 degrees outside and 80 inside…


This picture is not from today but it accurately describes what life has been like here with the bubs lately!  Poor baby is teething…again.  This time one on top and a bit to the side.  When he got the bottom two I never would have known but for the excessive drooling.  This tooth, though, wow.  Whole other baby!!  I know he’s in pain so I’m doing my best to stay patient but practically the only time he’s happy is when he’s in my arms and I am standing up.  Since I can’t hold him or be standing all day long…we have a very unhappy little boy!!



While I’d love to be, I’m not much of a cook…but I LOVE baking and don’t do it nearly enough.  A couple weeks ago I got the Bug and just HAD to throw something in the oven.  I found a recipe on Pinterest for a peach cobbler that looked great but…I didn’t have peaches.  Or the right pancake mix.  Or the right pan.  Ah well.  I had a can of blackberries and some blueberry pancake mix and I figured…may as well give it a go!!!  Mmmmmm it turned out SO DELICIOUS!!!  Even John was impressed and said that it was super!  

Excuse the crappy pictures.  The light in the house is awful and I’m still learning the camera!!


Weekend at the Lake!

This past weekend, friends of ours invited us to spend the weekend with them at his parents house on the lake!  Sounded like it would be a really nice time so of course we said, Yes!!


Sebastian had a great time trying to crawl everywhere…looking simply adorable as he did it!


Willow also had a great time.  Such a great time that I had to take her to the groomers today to get Shaved because she ran through a sticker-burr patch!


I was able to get a TINY bit of crochet in as this happened:


Ohhh the joy of a napping baby!!!


The view was Amazing!!!


Sunday we went to the beach and played in the water and on the jet-skis!


We had such a great time!!!  Dinner on Friday was a steam pot and it was Amazing: crab legs, shrimp, scallops, lobster tail, potatoes, and fresh corn!!!  OMG.  Saturday dinner was Also super yummy!!  BBQ ribs and red snapper!  Sunday morning we woke up to fresh biscuits and gravy and I fell in love with Jay’s mom…she makes them PLAIN and lets guests add their own salt and pepper.  I HATE pepper so this made me So happy!!!  And they were So yummy!!!!

The New Project

I’ve been simply DYING to work with some lovely BRIGHT colors lately.  Everything else I’m working on seems quite muted.  A baby blanket in white and soft colors, a secret project in off-white, even my knitted cowl isn’t Bright, though it is, at least, colorful.  So I’ve been wanting to work on something bright.  But I don’t have a lot of Time, especially since 2 of those projects have deadlines.  

What I do have is a pillow form that I’ve had for ages.  I originally intended to sew a cover for it.  I bought it before I learnt to crochet…thinking a sewn cover would be easy.  And maybe it is but I’ve yet to try…][p\(Sebastian had to say hello).

So I finally decided on a Granny Square cover.  Couldn’t be easier.  Granny squares are super easy.  I just need to make a couple sides and sew them together.  I can do that.  But what color?  I’ve realized recently that I have a LOT of things that are blue and green with a bit of orange (and sometimes yellow) thrown in.  And I love these colors, this combination.  So I decided that my pillow color would be these colors too.  You can see what I bought below.  It’s Caron Simply Soft.  It’s 100% acrylic, but that’s fine…because it Is soft.  

I started it last night and love it already!!  Now…to find the pillow form amongst all the boxes…