The guitar afghan

About a year and a half/two years ago I was looking through the latest issue of Crochet World and stumbled upon the pattern for a guitar afghan.  My husbands cousins have a band (kMw) and I immediately knew I had to make it for Katie.  And so my Super Secret project began.  I wanted it to be for her birthday but that meant it had to be done in time for Memorial Day when we’d be visiting…a month earlier.  I believe I started it right before Christmas and finished it…the night before I gave it to her!!!  This afghan was very straight forward but an incredible pain in the tush.  I had a million skeins of yarn hanging off of it, which I had to constantly shift about so that they didn’t get tangled.  In the end, it was worth it.  I think she loves it and I am happy to have given her a gift filled with so much of my love!!


I had to keep this graph with me and mark it off as I went!!!  And since I changed the colors, I had to also keep a code for me to remember which colors were actually the ones I was doing.


You can see most of the strings hanging off into the box under it.  Some of them are already under it.


And the finished project the night before at my Father-in-laws house!!!  Truly a labor of love.  I can’t find the picture of Katie and I with it…I’m going to have to look for it better and then edit this post when I find it!


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