A few more finished objects…though not all of the yarny variety!

As I went through my pictures I realized I had actually missed a couple crocheted things and actually have some “Other” crafty bits that I could share.


I made this scarf (sorry for the horrible picture!) for my mom out of the SOFTEST yarn Ever.  I believe it was alpaca…and ooooohhh I could just cuddle with it forever!  I need to make one for myself!


Scrapbooking…I’ve been doing this Forever.  I started when I was in high school and mom and I were living in England.  She’d gone to a party…I can’t recall the company right now but it was pretty much the ONLY supplier of scrapbooking stuff at the time.  She bought some items but I don’t really remember her giving it a go.  Instead, I did!  Sooooo much to choose from now!!  I don’t get a lot of time to do it…well now that I have Sebastian I don’t have much time for much of anything which is hard for this craft loving girl!  Buuuttt that’s okay.  I know these days of my little guy wanting my sole attention will pass and I am enjoying them immensely while they last!!  Anyways, scrapbooking.  I am AWFUL about even attempting to be up to date.  I’m not, at all.  I make pages for my regular albums once in a while, when the mood strikes.  The biggest one I’m (attempting to) working on right now is our Disney cruise…from 2008.  *sigh*  That’s what this layout is from.  I was, and am, so pleased with how it turned out!!  (Excuse the one on its side…haven’t figured out how to turn it yet!!)  Once I’m done with this album I have a London album that needs to be done…took that trip about a year after this one.  And then our Carnival Cruise/Family Reunion which was also forever ago!!  Of course it’s never going to end…we have another cruise and another trip to London planned so those will be added on!!!!  


Blanket.  YEARS ago I made John a pirate blanket.  Nothing fancy and my friend Kim showed me how to do it.  It was so easy that I was bragging to my mom about it…and she asked me to make one for her and for my sister while I was at it.  Mkay, no problem!  So we went to Joann’s and they chose everything for their blankets.  Mom chose a super soft flannel that you see above and Nikki chose a cotton Tinker Bell fabric.  I brought them home and there they sat.  For years. We were living in Tampa at the time.  Then we lived in Kuwait for a year.  Then we moved to Little Rock.  There I had my very own Craft Room and I found the bag of fabric.  Oops.  So for Mother’s Day last year I decided that I must finally make mom her blanket and it turned out great!  Not that you can tell by my awesome pictures, lol.  So, since I’d finally made my Moms, but figured I really should make Nikki’s too, before she was too old (!!) for Tinker Bell!  Hers was done in time for Christmas last year!  Phew!


Cake.  I’m not the best cook.  Not that I *can’t* cook but I just don’t do it very often even though I do enjoy it.  What I Love is baking.  Mmmmmm baking.  I also don’t do this as often as I’d like.  I found the “recipe” for this rainbow cake on Pinterest last year and HAD to try it.  Surprisingly totally easy and turned out adorable!!


Shadowbox.  John and I were married in 2005 and then had our wedding in 2006.  I probably bought this shadowbox then.  I even staged everything in it.  But I never glued it all down until this year!!!  I’m glad I finally did it because I love looking at it and remembering our special day.  It was SUCH a wonderful wedding.


Cards.  …I sort of suck at cardmaking but I love it just the same.  My GOAL is to pre-make birthday cards for the coming month, every month and any other cards that I know I will need…but this never happens.  

My next post will be about The Afghan.  This thing was insane and a huge pain but it turned out AWESOME…


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